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At PRIDE in People, we look for long-term client relationships. We want to watch your company grow, planning and supporting its development over the years. And a key element of this, when the time is right, will be helping you to help yourself.

Training you to take over some of what we can do, such as conducting disciplinary hearings, sounds like a bad business move for PiP. But of course it’s not, if our goal is your company’s success rather then selling you every service we can. And that is our goal.

We can instruct you in the whole range of HR functions, such as conducting an interview, ensuring equal opportunities and diversity and undertaking investigations into disciplinary and grievance issues. We’ll be there to monitor and provide support while you find your feet and, later, when you encounter a complex issue or unusual situation.

It’s all part of PiP’s creative approach to staff – and company – development.

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