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Performance & Talent Management

Performance Management

Performance management is not the most popular phrase in business.

That’s why PRIDE in People exists. If you don’t have in-house HR, we can meet your requirements without committing you to expensive monthly retainers. We treat every need on its merits, with a friendly and pragmatic approach.

At PRIDE in People, we take a different approach, designing performance management systems appropriate for your company which encourage staff to take responsibility for their development. These can include competency frameworks, appraisal processes and simple review forms.

We won’t saddle you with over-elaborate documents and procedures. Just a living, breathing system that defines for each individual exactly what their goals are and how their performance will be monitored and, if appropriate, rewarded to enable them to progress within your organisation.

Talent Management

One form of reward is to identify and nurture talent in successful employees.

It does wonders for their confidence and breeds loyalty to the company. It also provides the basis for succession planning – one of the most overlooked responsibilities of senior management.

If you’re on holiday, or just out of the office, do you constantly ring in to check everything is ok? Do you ask to be ‘kept in the loop’ on every decision, even though you have delegated responsibility to a deputy? Refusing to let go of the reins is a common problem for SME directors, and at Pride in People we are trained to spot it and help you stop it. Otherwise your second-in-command will not grow into their role and you will never get a break from business to recharge your batteries. In addition, your company’s crucial strategic development cannot proceed if you are constantly immersed in operational issues.

So at PiP we develop bespoke in-house talent spotting and management systems plus leadership development programmes. You can identify future stars and manage under-performers while planning your future staffing requirements.

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